Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Easy as 1-2-3

Let the ads end. Let the pundits cease. Let the water cooler debates quiet. The election is over.

So now what? What should you do if you, like me, cast your vote for the McCain-Palin ticket? What do you do if your excitement that our nation has elected a black man as President (unthinkable when my father was born) is severly tempered by the fact that Barack Obama's policies show total disregard for the unborn? I've got three suggestions.

1. Calm down. The kingdom of Christ is not of this world. The gospel flourished under Nero - an insane, murderous tyrant. I think we'll be fine under Barack Obama.

2. Pray for President Elect Obama. Thank God for men like Obama who dedicate their lives to public service. The next four or eight years will be incredibly difficult on this man and his family. Look at pictures of George W. Bush in 2000 and again in 2008 if you'd like a visual representation of the stress that Obama has just taken on. If it weren't for presidents and senators and judges, you wouldn't enjoy the life of peace and security you do. Our brothers and sisters in Christ in places like Sudan and Afghanistan would be quite grateful to live under the government of Barack Obama, I think, imperfect as he may be. If you still don't feel like praying or thanking God for Obama, then read 1 Timothy 2:1-7 and get over your sinful hatred. That sounds harsh, I know. But if you look at your political enemy and fail to see a human being created in the image of God, then harsh words are in order.

3. Read Eric Redmond's "Living Soli Deo Gloria Under Obama." It's the best post-election piece I've read, easy.


Anonymous said...

That's what I've been tellin' my wife. She's OK now. She just really like the Palinator.

I am changing my blog to a music education blog now.


Michael Maupin said...

You're right. If Nero can't keep the Word down, neither can a man who seems in all likelihood completely reasonable, with all but a few exceptions. Which I guess negates the use of the word "completely" in that last sentence. So we'll just say "a man who seems reasonable." I want Obama to be all he has been promised to be, but I also want him to be more than just an advocate for Democratic dogma. I want him to be a tool of bipartisan change. I want him to be rejuvenation for how the world views or country. Yes, it is meaningful and historic that he his our president-elect, but only if his time in office means something. Obama has the dreams of many, many Americans on his shoulders. Americans who never thought they would see the day when a black man sat in a white house. I hope he doesn't let them down. I hope he doesn't let anyone down. But I hope that he doesn't let the McCain-Palin voters--like me--down. Because I am wholly ready to support him. I just hope he is ready to support the whole of us.