Monday, April 20, 2009

Roger Ebert on "God"

Roger Ebert is without a doubt my favorite film critic. Though I don't agree with him in every instance (The Phantom Menace was better than Attack of the Clones???), more often than not I find his insights into movies to ring very true. I usually check his reviews and blogs every couple weeks, and looking at his blog this morning I read a fascinating post detailing his personal view of God and spirituality. It's fascinating to me largely because I suspect it is representative (save for being a lot more intellectually developed) of much of our culture's view of God - nebulous, un-knowable, and certainly not demanding anything from humanity save the most broad moral platitudes. An excerpt...
"Let me rule out at once any God who has personally spoken to anyone or issued instructions to men. That some men believe they have been spoken to by God, I am certain. I do not believe Moses came down from the mountain with any tablets he did not go up with. I believe mankind in general evidently has a need to believe in higher powers and an existence not limited to the physical duration of the body. But these needs are hopes, and believing them doesn't make them true."
I'd encourage you to read the post and to consider how you'd go about telling Ebert about the glory of the living God, because I strongly suspect that you'll meet a couple Eberts in your life - or that you know one already.

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