Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Has Derek Webb Gone Too Far?

A couple months ago, I blogged that the recent hubbub about his latest album had me concerned that might be the case. Now that the pre-release of the album is out, I can certainly understand why the label was up in arms. Offensive language to make a convicting point isn't something new for Webb ("Wedding Dress," anyone?), but after listening to "What Matters More," the song in question from his new album, Stockholm Syndrome, I think this is certainly the furthest he's pushed the envelope yet. Have a listen yourself and give me your opinion - needlessly crass or powerfully provocative? Warning - the song does indeed contain profanity.

I want to think about this one for a while before I give my judgment.


Corey Reynolds said...

Well, I must say that I certainly like the musical style WAY more than his previous stuff. That's pretty bangin' mayne!

I hear where he's coming from on the homosexuality issue, while at the same time, I also read that such things require the death sentence in the Old Testament law. Now, by my count, I deserved the death sentence on four occasions under Old Testament law, and I'm not a bit put off by that. It makes me love my Savior all the more, even as I cherish the law that condemned me.

So, I think that mercy toward all sinners is a must, but I also think that we need to look at sin from God's perspective too. So how can you talk about something as an abomination AND be merciful as Christ has had mercy on you at the same time? This is a very difficult road to navigate.

As far as the D-word and the S-word go - I like 'em, but I can certainly see where such things needlessly detract from the point he's trying to make with the song. Are people going to be talking about his message in this song or his word choice?

Debbie Clark said...

Well, I am with Corey on the musical style.... I loved that. As far as the language goes, I think I am with Corey on that one too (scares me to death Corey that I agree with you on two points here!)

As for the message.........I think it's jumbled. Just from listening to the song, I didn't get it, I was so caught up in all the hype about it that I completely didn't get it. I loved the blog Brother Eric sent to me and I really think that should be what we "get", it's all about the Gospel of Christ and what that does........ I am not sure the Gospel is presented in this song.....

Not only that, if this is truly about us slamming one sin and ignoring need........ who is the "us" in that thought, Christians or the world.

Once again I agree with Corey here, mercy towards all sinners is a must....that is something we all forget every day in our judgment of ANY sin. If we could lay down the judgement we feel and feel the need to reach out with the Gospel what a difference that would make.