Monday, December 1, 2008

Live from Louisville, it's Irony!!!

HT: Vitamin Z


Corey Reynolds said...

Can I confess something? I love Benny Hinn. He is a fascinating person to me. I like him in the same way that I like King Saul in the Old Testament. He sometimes does some really dumb stuff, but I think he is genuine. Just read one of his books. He's very orthodox in his writing. He seems very earnest in all that he does. He occasionally sticks his foot in his mouth, but this condemnation of the Lakeland 'Revival' is awesome. My respect for him (already high) went up about 20 points. Thanks for pointing this out.

Darius said...

To be fair, most false teachers probably believe their own teaching. Arius was very genuine in his belief that Jesus was not eternal.