Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Second Season Begins

Well, the NFL regular season came to an end Sunday, and while some coaches have already had the axe drop on their futures, 12 teams are preparing for their shot at a Super Bowl. With an overpowering, then collapsing, then come-back-and-win-it-at-the-end 33-31 win over New Orleans, the Panthers earned their first NFC South title since 2003 and their first playoff bye since 1996. Now, we wait for our second round opponent - either Minnesota, Arizona, or Atlanta - to come to Charlotte for a Saturday night showdown on January 10th. Anything can happen in the NFL's second season, but the opportunity is there for a return to the Super Bowl for my Panthers, which will hopefully produce a different result from their last trip. Did your team survive for playoff time? Who do you think will be punching a ticket to Tampa? Let me know in the comments.

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