Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Year of the Bible?

A Georiga congressman has asked President Obama to declare 2010 "The Year of the Bible."

Leaving aside the question of what good this would even accomplish if it passed (as the video points out, Reagan did this in 1983, and I'm not aware of any mass revival it spawned), I have to say, I find this congressman's reasoning deeply troubling. He basically presents the Bible as a treatise on political freedom and a tool for "making our nation great again." While freedom is most certainly a primary theme of Scripture, it sure isn't the red-white-and-blue variety. Rather than being respected, Scripture is acually degraded, as its message of freedom from personal sin through the death and resurrection of Christ is dumbed down to a message on fiscal conservatism. I'm very uncomfotable with the idea of promoting Scripture as a handbook to political health. With all due respect to Congressman Broun, who may well be well-intentioned, let's let the government worry about how it spends our money and we'll leave the teaching of Scripture to the church.

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