Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swept Away

Well, a fantastic season came to an end yesterday for the Hurricanes as they lost to Pittsburgh 4-1, completing a four-game sweep of the series for the Pens. I hate to see the year end on such a sour note, especially considering what Carolina accomplished this year. Back in December, this team was floundering around .500, had just fired their coach, and looked destined for their third straight season of post-Stanley Cup mediocrity. They turned things around, and over the last two months of the season were one of the hottest teams in the NHL, ironically, probably second only to Pittsburgh. Upset wins over New Jersey and top-seed Boston and a place in the NHL's final four were more than anyone expected a few months ago. This team made a great run, and has a bright-looking future.

However, that future is filled with questions. Some are easy (does Paul Maurice lose the 'interim' tag as head coach?), and some are tough (out of a free agent crop of Cole, LaRose, Jokinen, Ruutu, Babchuk, and Seidenberg, who do you inevitably let walk?). It'll be an interesting offseason, and I'll be excited to see the Canes take the ice again in October. As for the Stanley Cup finals? I'll be cheering for the Pens.


Mama of 2 Great Kids said...

Hi DJ...the Pens is Alyssa's team! She's so happy they're going to the finals. Now, we're all cheering for the same team! Throughout the series between the Pens and Canes, we kept thinking of you! :-)

D.J. Williams said...

Looks like the Pens might be in some trouble! Hopefully they can turn things around at home. Hope you guys are doing well!