Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Must See TV

If you’ve never watched FOX’s hit show House, let me humbly suggest you drop what you’re doing right now (or maybe not, since for some reason you’re reading my blog right now) and go rent the first season. Season 4 of the show just wrapped up over the past couple weeks with a two-part season finale that is among the best (and most heart-wrenching) episodes of TV I have ever watched. I won’t spoil the details in this day of DVR and webcasts, but if you are a House fan and didn’t see last night’s episode (or part 1 that aired last Monday), go over to FOX.com, click on their full episode player, and watch it immediately. Let me just say that if you were skeptical about the show’s future after the major cast and story changes of this season, the writers knew exactly what they were doing. House probably now tops my list of shows I’m looking forward to in the fall (and that’s saying something, considering the fantastic finale of The Office and the long-awaited return of 24). Check it out.

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