Monday, May 19, 2008

No .com, But Lots of Crumminess

Well, I've now recieved my autographed (eBay beware) copy of the Crummy Church Signs book, and let me say that it is indeed crummy - and this is one of the few contexts I can imagine where that is a compliment. The signs were compiled from 2004-2007, and since I only discovered the website about a year ago they've been mostly all new to me. If you are a fan of Joel's blog (especially a newer fan), you ought to take a look at the book. I've had it for four days, and it's already been a fantastic coffee table book. Talk about a conversation starter - and here's hoping (or maybe not) that the next four years yields another wealth of material.


Anonymous said...

By the way, congratulations on winning last week's Caption Contest. I'm vying for the top spot in this week's contest myself. Seeing as you spent last week at Basics and I attend Parkside, I'll try to bring another win home for those of us that love to hear that wee Scotsman extol the cross.

And I too have already started the countdown for next year with John Lennox and Johnny Piper. I might just dress in drag to sneak into the day sessions.


D.J. Williams said...

Looks like you succeeded! Congrats!

You guys have a great thing going at Parkside. Thanks to you and all your church for putting on such a great time of refreshment and encouragement for all of us each year!

Joel B. said...

Thanks for the shout-out, DJ!