Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Hidden Gem

Alright, if you still haven't visited NoiseTrade.com, then seriously, what are you waiting for? Go check the site out now. Right now. Stop reading my silly blog and go. Well, I suppose you could go after you finish reading this post. And maybe a couple others.

Derek Webb's brainchild is a fantastic way to discover indie artists of all shades, all for free. You can download any music from the site for free in exchange for emailing 5 friends, or if you'd rather you can pay whatever you think is fair for the music. It's a fantastic tool, both for artists and for fans. I blogged a while back about finding Rick Hopkins' excellent Where We Are and Where We Long to Be through the site, and last week I found another comparable jewel - Matt Papa's Your Kingdom Come.

After listening through the CD, Heather and I decided that Papa sounds like what you'd get if you threw U2, Queen, David Crowder Band, and strong theology (he has a doctrinal statement on his website, and a darn good one at that) in a blender. The music is an edgy pop-rock that for the most part maintains a fresh feel throughout, though there are a couple tracks that were a tad derivative for my taste. Some of the more subdued songs pack the biggest lyrical punch, including the beautiful "Hymn in C," the closing "I Will Trust in You My God," and the brutally prophetic "Woe to You" (which reminded me a lot of Derek Webb's early solo stuff). Papa is a treat vocally, evoking (strange as it seems) echoes of the late, great Freddie Mercury at times. Your Kingdom Come would be a great pickup if you bought it in a store, much more so thanks to the no-lose nature of NoiseTrade. Go take a look. Seriously, now you can go. Thanks for finishing the post.

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