Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Question - 3/10/09

Tuesday is a day without an identity. It's not reviled like Monday, gleefully anticipated like Friday, or celebrated like Saturday. It doesn't have a cool name like Wednesday's "humpday," or Sunday's spiritual identity. Let's help Tuesday find itself. Lately, I've been having fun with Blogger's random question feature. So, every Tuesday, I'll take a new question, post my answer here, and ask for yours in the comments. Come on. Tuesday needs you.

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

Mongolia - about two feet from the Chinese border. Path of least resistance, people.


Jessica said...

California - the ground is softer there because of erosion, no one would think it was a weird thing to do, and you could dig straight through the core of the earth right out the other side in the middle of China. If Bugs Bunny could do it, we can.

BaileyGirL said...

I'd start by scooping up all those people and shoving them aside. China's under there somewhere. You just have to move the masses to find it. Who would want to start on the western hemisphere? That's too much work. You should definitely start at the source... That's difficult enough.

Michael Maupin said...

Well, if we started to dig a hole from New Albany, we would end up in Korea. So we would have to start actually digging in Argentina. I know this because when I was taking an Astrology class a couple years ago, we had a cartography module and that was one of our workshop questions. We worked it out based on Longitude. Of course, the easiest place to start would be China. You wouldn't have to dig but just a handful before you could say you were there.