Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Question - 3/17/09

Tuesday is a day without an identity. It's not reviled like Monday, gleefully anticipated like Friday, or celebrated like Saturday. It doesn't have a cool name like Wednesday's "humpday," or Sunday's spiritual identity. Let's help Tuesday find itself. Lately, I've been having fun with Blogger's random question feature. So, every Tuesday, I'll take a new question, post my answer here, and ask for yours in the comments. Come on. Tuesday needs you.

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

Belt? If my sweater goes to my feet, I'm not even wearing pants!


BaileyGirL said...

Where do these questions come from?

D.J. Williams said...

Your blogger profile will give you a random question to answer if you so choose.